Pennine Waterways
Pennine Waterways
Huddersfield Narrow Canal
First boats at other locations
These pictures taken on May 1st and 4th 2001.

The Lady Rhodes at Lock 4E
"The Lady Rhodes" has a little help getting through Lock 4E. (May 1st)

Leicester reaches Milsnbridge
A small crowd gathers to watch "Leicester", the first boat to reach Milsnbridge from Huddersfield. (May 1st)

Leicester leaves Lock 10E
"Leicester" leaves Lock 10E. (May 1st)

Maria at Marsden
Horse-drawn "Maria", one of the first boats through Standedge Tunnel, sets off for Marsden. (May 1st)

Maria at Marsden
Horse-drawn "Maria" approaches Marsden. (May 1st)

Maria at Lock 1E
"Maria" with Bonny the Boathorse waiting to pass through Lock 1E. (May 4th)
The lock was cleared the following morning and "Maria" became the first boat to make the complete passage along the canal since 1948.

Leicester moors at Diggle
"Leicester" moors at Diggle after passing through Standedge Tunnel. (May 4th)

The Boat leaves Lock 25W
"The Boat" leaves Lock 25W heading for Wool Road, the first boat to get this far from Huddersfield, later to become the first boat to complete the east-west passage since 1948. (May 4th)

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