Virtual Cruise - River Don Navigation - Swinton

barges near Swinton Junction
After Burton Ings Bridge, the approach to Swinton Junction is lined with laid-up barges and butties awaiting work.
Approaching Swinton Junction
Approaching Swinton Junction.
Swinton Junction
Swinton Junction, invisible on the left behind the barges, marked the junction with the Dearne and Dove Canal. The former arm of that canal is used by Waddington's boatyard. Waddington's is one of the major operators of barges on the South Yorkshire Navigation. On the right is Waddington Lock, Swinton.
Waddington Lock, Swinton
Waddington Lock, Swinton.
Dearne and Dove Canal at Swinton Junction
The arm of the former Dearne and Dove Canal at Swinton Junction, viewed from Waddington Lock. The first lock and Swinton Bridge can be seen in the background.
from Waddington Lock
Looking ahead from Waddington Lock towards Mexborough.

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