Virtual Cruise - Sheffield and Tinsley Canal (5)

Wharf Lane bridge, Tinsley
Just around the corner is the ninth lock and Wharf Lane bridge.
Tinsley locks
Looking eastwards at the ninth lock.
Tinsley locks
Looking from Wharf Lane bridge towards the tenth lock, with the western suburbs of Rotherham spread along the side of the Don Valley ahead.
Tinsley locks
Looking towards the bottom lock of the Tinsley flight of locks, after which the canal joins the River Don. Halfpenny Bridge, which carries the towpath route across the river, is visible to the left.
Tinsley locks
Looking back to the tenth lock from the bottom lock, Tinsley.
Tinsley locks and Halfpenny Bridge
The bottom lock at Tinsley from the River Don. The stretch beyond the bridge is no longer navigable but, before the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal was opened, boats went a short distance further upstream to unload at Tinsley Wharf.
The virtual cruise continues along the River Don Navigation towards Rotherham and Doncaster.

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