Virtual Cruise - Sheffield and Tinsley Canal (4)

railway bridge at Tinsley Locks
A skew railway bridge crosses the Tinsley Locks below the third lock.
railway bridge at Tinsley Locks
Three locks down, another railway bridge crosses.
longer pound at Tinsley
Below the seventh lock is a longer pound crossed by pipe bridges.
Sheffield Road bridge, Tinsley
Around the corner is the next lock, followed by Sheffield Road Bridge, Tinsley.

Directly ahead were the cooling towers of the disused Blackburn Meadow power station, which have now been demolished. To the left, a short distance from the canal, is the giant Meadowhall shopping mall, built on the site of Tinsley steel works.

Around the bend, Tinsley Viaduct is suddenly in view, carrying the M1 motorway and a major road across the valley on two decks.

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