Virtual Journey along the Rochdale Canal - Littleborough to Rochdale (1)

Ealees Lock, Rochdale Canal
Ealees Lock or Littleborough Lock, the bottom lock of the Littleborough flight.
Ealees Lock, Rochdale Canal
Ealees Lock, Littleborough. There now follows the longest pound on the canal, at three and a half miles, before the two Moss Locks are reached!
Littleborough, Rochdale Canal
Looking east from near Ben Healey Bridge, behind Littleborough Station.
Ben Healey Bridge, Rochdale Canal
Approaching Ben Healey Bridge, Littleborough. This had been the limit of navigation until 2002. The original bridge had been dropped and the canal culverted at this point.
Ben Healey Bridge, Rochdale Canal
Going through the new Ben Healey Bridge.
Hollingworth Lake
Hollingworth Lake, half a mile from the canal near Littleborough, was built to supply water to the canal, along with reservoirs at Chelburn and on the hillside above. Hollingworth Lake attracts many visitors for boating and walking.
Smithy Bridge, Rochdale Canal
Approaching Smithy Bridge, the canal passes between an area of light industry and housing.