Greenberfield to Foulridge (4) - Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Lower Park Marina
Lower Park Marina on the offside just outside Barnoldswick.
dismantled railway bridge
New marina moorings opposite the remains of a dismantled railway bridge.
Park Bridge
Park Bridge carries the main road from Barnoldswick.
Approaching Salterforth Bridge, a mile south of Barnoldswick. The Anchor Inn is next to the towpath beyond the bridge.
Salterforth Bridge
Salterforth Bridge is on a sharpish bend.
Looking towards Foulridge from Salterforth.
south of Salterforth
Offside moorings south of Salterforth.
Hatters Bridge
Hatters Bridge, no. 150.
Mill Hill Bridge
Mill Hill Bridge, no. 149.
Near Foulridge Hall
Moorings below Foulridge Hall.