Standedge Tunnel - Diggle to Marsden - Virtual Cruise

 Diggle tunnel portal
The gates across the tunnel portal at Diggle show a representation of a boat being legged through the tunnel. When the tunnel was constructed, it had no towpath, so the boats had to be propelled through the tunnel by human leg power. The leggers would lie on boards across the boat and walk along the tunnel sides.
 Diggle tunnel portal
An electric tug and passenger module enter the Diggle portal of Standedge Tunnel at the start of one of the through journeys for passengers.
 Diggle tunnel portal
Looking back to the closed gates at Diggle.
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or simply continue your journey along the canal below.
 Standedge Tunnel
Approaching the eastern end of Standedge Tunnel at Marsden.
 Tunnel End
Emerging from Standedge Tunnel at Tunnel End.
 Tunnel End
A passenger module in the Marsden portal. Tunnel End Cottages on the right now offer cafe facilities.
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