Virtual Cruise - Hyde to Romiley (2)

Woodley Railway Bridge
Woodley Railway Bridge crosses high over the canal.
Woodley Tunnel
Around the corner, Woodley Tunnel comes into view.
Woodley Tunnel
The entrance to the 500 feet long Woodley Tunnel (about 160 metres). The towpath also passes through, protected by a handrail..
Woodley Tunnel
Looking back northwards to Woodley Tunnel.
Gilbert Bank  Bridge
Approaching Gilbert Bank Bridge.
Gilbert Bank Bridge
Gilbert Bank Bridge, Woodley.
railway bridge near Woodley
A little further ahead, the canal passes through the tunnel-like Bank House Bridge under the railway embankment. The bridge narrows half way through, showing that it had been extended at some time to accommodate additional tracks.
footbridge near Romiley
Approaching Romiley, an attractive footbridge crosses the canal.

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