The Rufford Branch (2)

Moss Lock, Rufford Branch
Looking towards Moss Lock from Runnel Brow Bridge.
north towards Rufford
The canal heads north towards Rufford on a slight embankment over the low-lying, flat countryside.
Railway bridge, Rufford Branch
The railway from Liverpool to Preston crosses the canal at a very shallow angle, resulting in this unusally shaped bridge.
Marsh Meadow Swing Bridge
Marsh Meadow Swing Bridge, just south of Rufford - the first of four swing bridges on the Rufford Branch.
Visitor moorings below Chapel Bridge, Rufford. The National Trust property of Rufford Old Hall lies on the offside between Chapel Bridge and Town Meadow Bridge.
old course of the River Douglas, Sollom
After passing through the old tidal lock at Strand Bridge, Sollom, the canal follows an old course of the River Douglas, with no towpath.