Litherland to Liverpool (3) - Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Bedford Place Footbridge
Looking towards Bedford Place Footbridge (L). The towpath has been improved along this section. It is at this footbridge that the canal crosses the Sefton boundary and enters Liverpool.
Ceres Street footbridge, Bootle
Ceres Street Footbridge (K), looking back towards Bedford Place Footbridge.
Bank Hall Bridge
Approaching Bank Hall Bridge and Warehouse along a wonderfully industrial stretch of canal.
Bank Hall Warehouse
Bank Hall Warehouse with its overhanging canopy, for dry loading, and boat hole (now blocked up) which enabled boats to go right inside for loading.
Bankhall Bridge
Bank Hall Bridge (I).
Sandhills Bridge and Wharf
Looking towards Sandhills Bridge (F). The wharf on the left was where Liverpool's "night soil" (collected from the city's outside toilets) was loaded onto barges to be taken out and spread over the marshy land of the Lancashire plain to create arable land.
former tobacco factory
Between Sandhills Bridge and Boundary Bridge, a former tobacco factory has now been converted to apartments.
former tobacco factory
Looking back to Sandhills Bridge and the tobacco factory converted to apartments.
Boundary Bridge to Leigh Bridge
Looking through Boundary Bridge (E) to Leigh Bridge, Liverpool.