Gargrave to Greenberfield (1) - Leeds and Liverpool Canal

Eshton Road Bridge
Approaching Eshton Road Bridge and Lock, Gargrave.
looking west from Gargrave
Looking east from Eshton Road Bridge, just north of the village centre of Gargrave. Ray Bridge is in the distance, with Crag Wood and Flasby Fell behind.
Eshton Road Lock
Eshton Road Lock, no.31, at Gargrave, looking west.
Eshton Road Lock
Looking back to Eshton Road Lock, with the summit of Sharp Haw on Flasby Fell in the background.
Higherland Bridge
Higherland Bridge, carrying Mark House Lane out of Gargrave.
Higherland Bridge Lock
Higherland Bridge Lock, looking west.
Anchor Lock
Anchor Lock, alongside the A65.
Scarland Lock
Scarland Lock, no. 34.
Scarland Lock
Scarland Lock.
Stegneck Lock
Stegneck Lock, with the Skipton to Settle railway crossing the bridge beyond.