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Pennine Waterways
Huddersfield Narrow Canal
High Street Bridge, Uppermill (3)
This page shows some additional photographs taken during the construction of the bridge at High Street, Uppermill.

September 9th 2000: The south portal of the original arch. It was found that this original arch had been extended a short distance southwards at some time, probably soon after the original bridge was opened. This extension is now also to be reconstructed. This picture shows the formwork in place in readiness for this re-construction.

September 9th 2000: The remains of the portal of the extended arch, with the earlier portal behind and a small section of wash wall and tow path to the right. The green object at the bottom of the picture is a jack holding the piles in position.

September 16th 2000: Stones have been laid onto the form. Concrete will be laid on top of these. The metal rods will help to tie the stonework into the concrete.

September 16th 2000: Looking north. The pipes (centre right) and enclosed cables (centre) give an idea of the angle at which the road crosses the canal at this point. The restored original arch is below the narrow roadway. The arch extension is being re-built behind the wooden shuttering. A small section of wash wall and towpath is visible behind the ladder (bottom right).

October 26th 2000: The channel tapers between the new concrete sections and the re-constructed arch. The "missing link" will be constructed of concrete in situ.

October 26th 2000: Looking south into the re-built arch from the chamber of Lock 24W.

October 26th 2000: Looking south inside the re-constructed arch. The original concave stone lined floor can be seen.

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