Milnsbridge to Huddersfield (1) - Virtual Cruise

Lock 12e, Milnsbridge
Looking towards Milnsbridge from Lock 12e, with Morley Lane on the hillside to the right.
Lock 12e, Milnsbridge
Lock 12e, seen from Morley Lane, Milnsbridge.
Lock 11e, Milnsbridge
Looking back to Morley Lane from Lock 11e, Milnsbridge Top Lock.
 Shaw Lane, Milnsbridge
Coming down through the locks in Milnsbridge, facing east, with Shaw Lane on the right.
Lock 10e, Shaw Lane, Milnsbridge
Lock 10e, Spring Garden Lock (named after Spring Garden mill that stood nearby). Looking west up the locks near Shaw Lane, Milnsbridge.
Market Street Bridge, Milnsbridge
Market Street Bridge, Milnsbridge, from Lock 10e.
Lock 9e, Milnsbridge
Lock 9e, Tannery Lock, looking west towards Market Street Bridge, Milnsbridge, with Lock 10e beyond. The bridge has been considerably widened on each side. A tannery stood close to this lock on Tanyard Road.
Lock 9e, Milnsbridge
Looking east at Lock 9e, Milnsbridge. New canal-side flats have been built here.
Lock 9e, Milnsbridge
Looking west to Lock 9e, Milnsbridge.
Looking east towards Lock 8e at Milnsbridge, with the Tanyard Road flats on the left.
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