Lymm to Preston Brook (3) - Virtual Cruise

Thomason's Bridge, Higher Walton
Thomason's Bridge.
Moore, Bridgewater Canal
Approaching the village of Moore.
Moore Bridge
Moore Bridge.
Cottages at Moore Hall
Cottages in the grounds of Moore Hall.
Outbuilding at Moore Hall
Curious canalside outbuilding in the grounds of Moore Hall.
Daresbury Laboratories, Bridgewater Canal
The imposing tower of Daresbury Laboratories appears ahead. The laboratories began work in 1962 as Daresbury Nuclear Physics Laboratory. The tower houses the MEIS (Medium Energy Ion Scattering) facility.
Keckwick Bridge, Bridgewater Canal
Keckwick Bridge, from which it is a half mile walk up the lane to the village of Daresbury, birthplace of Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson). A slightly longer but more picturesque walk to the village, up through the woods, can be made starting from the next bridge.
Daresbury Laboratories canalside terrace
Canalside terrace at Daresbury Laboratories.
George Gleave's Bridge
George Gleave's Bridge.
Norton Water Tower
Across the valley Norton Water Tower is on the skyline. This Grade 2 Listed building dates from 1888 and is part of the system that brings water from Lake Vrynwy in Wales to Liverpool.
Daresbury Laboratories
Looking back towards the tower of Daresbury Laboratories.
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