Shipley (1) - Virtual Journey along the Bradford Canal

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Bradford Canal junction
The Leeds and Liverpool Canal just west of Shipley. The former junction with the Bradford Canal was immediately behind the bridge, which was built to enable boat horses to cross from the Leeds and Liverpool towpath to that of the Bradford Canal.
Bradford Canal junction
The junction and towpath bridge from the other side. The short stub of canal, around 100 feet long, is now no more than a winding hole. A railway bridge over the canal has been replaced with an embankment. Pedestrians following the route of the canal can use the nearby bridge taking Dock Lane under the railway.
Bradford Canal junction
Looking back to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal from the end of the Bradford Canal stub. The towpath bridge can just be seen to the left.
site of Windhill Lock, Bradford Canal
Looking south along the line of the infilled canal, south of the railway, is the site of the first lock. Windhill Lock was the only single lock on the canal - the others were all two or three rise staircase locks, like those on the nearby Leeds and Liverpool Canal. The building on the left was the lock keeper's cottage.
Windhill lock keeper's cottage, Bradford Canal
The entrance to the Windhill lock keeper's cottage on Dock Lane.
former Pumping Station, Bradford Canal
Next to the lock keeper's cottage is the former Pumping Station, now a private house. This was used for back-pumping water in the canal's later years.
former Pumping Station plaque, Bradford Canal
Plaque on the wall of the former Pumping Station.
Windhill Bridge, Bradford Canal
The infilled Windhill Bridge which carried Leeds Road across the canal. The shape of the arch and the ramp connecting the towpath with the road can still be seen.
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