Hollinwood Branch Canal (3) - Daisy Nook and Fairbottom Branch

the Fairbottom Branch, Daisy Nook
After the fourth lock the Fairbottom Branch Canal goes off to the right. This was just over a mile long, running to Fenny Fields Bridge. From here, a mile long tramway ran along the side of the River Medlock to Park Bridge and Rocher Vale, enabling wagons of coal to be brought down and loaded onto boats.
the Fairbottom Branch, Daisy Nook
The Fairbottom Branch, Daisy Nook Country Park.
Valley Aqueduct, Fairbottom Branch
Valley Aqueduct carrying the Fairbottom Branch across the old coach road from Ashton to Oldham.
Bardsley Bridge, Fairbottom Branch
The end of the part of the Fairbottom Branch still in water, looking towards Bardsley Bridge. The dry course of the canal continues for a further half mile to Fenny Fields Bridge.
Pinch Farm Bridge, Daisy Nook
Back on the main line of the Hollinwood Branch, just after the junction with the Fairbottom Branch is this wrought iron footbridge leading to Pinch Farm.
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