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This web ring was established in 2002 and links together websites about the waterways and canals of the UK.

This ring is for websites that are non-commercial, of reasonable quality and with waterways-related content.

Visitors can find web sites in the ring in various ways. Sites in the ring display a web ring panel similar to the one at the foot of this page. Clicking "See all sites" in that panel takes you to the Webring site where all the sites in the ring are listed. Alternatively, clicking "previous" or "next" allows you to work your way through the sites in the ring.

Belonging to a web ring is a good way to attract more visitors to a website or blog. People visiting websites in this ring will probably have an interest in canals, waterways and boating. By clicking the links in the web ring panel, they can discover other sites that will be of interest to them.

If you join this ring you will be given a link to a page with some code to paste into your website or blog. The webring panel will then appear automatically.

It is a requirement of membership that you display this panel. It enables visitors to your site to explore other sites in the ring. This is in return for visitors to other sites being able to discover yours. (Sites not displaying the panel will be suspended.)

If you have a blog and wish to place the webring panel in your sidebar, please be sure to choose the code for the vertical panel.

If you have a website, you can use either the horizontal or vertical panel. The web page link that you submit when joining must be to the page where you place the web ring code (usually the home page). It must be on a page that can be found by people browsing your site.

To join this ring, please click here or on the "Join" link on the web ring panel below. You will be taken to the web site where you will find instructions to help you through the process of joining and of adding the code to your site.

The UK Waterways Web Ring replaced the former UK Waterways Network ring.

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