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The Voyage of Terry Waite's Clogs (1)
An unusual event took place on the Pennine Canals around the Easter period of 2002. A pair of specially made clogs was carried by a relay of boats across the Pennines to be presented to Terry Waite.

the clogs The story began at the opening of the Mossley Industrial Heritage Centre at Emmaus Mossley's Longlands Mill. Terry Waite, the charity's president, while watching a display of clog dancing, remarked to Mossley's mayor, Roy Etchells, that he had always wanted some clogs.

Terry may have thought no more about it, but Roy contacted Walkleys clog factory at Hebden Bridge who have generously made a pair for Terry as a gift.

Emmaus's shop manager, Ed Mortimer, suggested that the size 14 clogs could make the journey by canal and the project sprang to life.

The journey of the clogs began on March 23rd when Roy Etchells, who conceived the idea, received the clogs from Walkleys factory. (picture, right)

Roy Etchells
Roy Etchells Left: Roy carried the clogs to the nearby Rochdale Canal for the first stage of the journey, on the horse-drawn boat of Calder Valley Cruising.

Right: Emmaus Mossley's founder, Richard Darlington (centre of picture) with the clogs and the crew of Calder Valley Cruising.

Calder Valley Cruising
Noroc Clog Dancers Left: The clogs are handed over from Calder Valley Cruising's horse-drawn boat to the Calder Navigation Society's motor vessel "Savile". In the foreground are the Noroc Clog Dancers, who accompanied the clogs to Sowerby Bridge.

The Calder Navigation Society's boat "Savile" carrying the clogs down Salterhebble Locks on the Calder and Hebble Navigation.

Locomotive Bridge On March 24th, the clogs continued their voyage along the Calder and Hebble Navigation and Huddersfield Broad Canal to Huddersfield.

Left: The clogs pass under the Locomotive Bridge on the Huddersfield Broad Canal.

When they reached Huddersfield, the clogs went on display at Sainsbury's.

Right: A representative of Sainsbury's receives the clogs from Emmaus's Ed Mortimer.

A representative of Sainsbury's and Emmaus's Ed Mortime
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