Winter canal work programme, 2020-2021

lock stoppage

The Canal and River Trust has announced details of the winter closure programme affecting canals in the South Pennine area to enable repairs and maintenance work to take place.

Where possible this page will be updated when stoppages are altered. Last updated: 1st March 2021.

Information from Canal and River Trust and Bridgewater Canal Company.
The information shown on this page is believed to be correct but if you are planning to travel by canal during this period you should check the details with the local waterways office.

Canal: Closure dates: Location: Purpose of closure:
Aire and Calder Navigation 9th Nov - 4th Dec 11th Dec 2020
stoppage extended
Birkwood Lock Repairs to balance beams, ground paddles and fendering.
Ashton Canal 2nd - 20th Nov 2020
stoppage postponed
Lock 13, Clayton Removal of redundant gas pipe.
(Stoppage postponed but navigation remains closed because of works elsewhere.)
2nd Nov - 4th Dec 2020
Bridge 20, Kershaw Lane, Audenshaw Repairs to underside of bridge deck.
2nd - 20th Nov 2020
Beswick Aqueduct, near Etihad Stadium Grouting work to reduce leakage through aqueduct.
2nd - 20th Nov 20200
Lock 1, Ancoats Repairs to tail gate and cill to reduce leakage.
Bridgewater Canal
1st - 15th Mar 2021
dates announced
Barton Aqueduct Closed for annual maintenance works on structure.
Calder and Hebble Navigation 2nd Nov - 18th Dec 2020 Sluice 2, near Woodside Mills Lock, Elland Replace sluice gate and re-line bywash culvert.
2nd Nov - 11th Dec 2020
Locks 6 and 7, Elland Lock 6: grouting; Lock 7: repairs to wash wall.
11th Jan - 12th Feb 2021
Lock 18, Shepley Bridge Repairs to tail gates.
18th Feb 2020 until further notice
Figure of Three Locks, near Horbury Bridge Closed for forseeable future to enable major repairs after flood damage.
Huddersfield Broad Canal   no navigation stoppages planned  
Huddersfield Narrow Canal 2nd Nov - 4th Dec 2020 Lock 30w, Diggle Grouting to reduce leakage through chamber walls.
2nd Nov - 11th Dec 2020
Manns Wharf Embankment, Grasscroft (between Locks 19w and 20w) Washwall and leak repairs along the length of the embankment.
2nd Nov - 27th Nov 18th Dec 2020
stoppage extended
Spring Garden Lock (10e), Milnsbridge Grouting to reduce leakage through chamber walls.
2nd - 27th Nov 2020 Lock 42e, Marsden Replacement of tail gates.
1st - 18th Dec 2020 Pickle Lock (22e), Slaithwaite Repairs to the bottom gates and balance beam.
Leeds and Liverpool Canal
2nd Nov - 18th Dec 2020 Spencer's Swing Bridge (36), Burscough Upgrade of the bridge's safety equipment.
2nd Nov - 18th Dec 2020 Locks 87, below Wigan flight and 89, Ell Meadow Lock 87: gate repairs; Lock 89: replace top gates and other repairs.
5th - 9th Nov 2020 Lock 1, Leeds Replace both head gate paddles to reduce leakage causing basin to drain.
4th Jan - 19th March 2021 Wigan flight Lock 66: tail gate repairs, ladder improvements and brickwork pointing; Lock 69: head and tail gate repairs, lock ladder improvements; Lock 7: new tail gates; Lock 72: grouting work to reduce leakage; Lock 78: Repairs to the top end mitre and cill; Lock 82: Repairs to the top and bottom end mitres and cills, re-board gates.
5th Jan - 19th Feb 2021 Five Rise Locks, Bingley Lock 25: gate repairs to reduce leakage: Lock 27: repairs to the gate heel area; Lock 29: gate repairs to reduce leakage.
Navigation windows through locks available over the weekends of 23rd January and 6th February.
5th Jan - 5th Feb 5th March 2021
stoppage extended further
Barrowford Locks Lock 49: Repairs to bottom end mitre cill and rubbing strips; Lock 51: Installation of new top and bottom gates and improvements to lock ladder.
18th - 31st Jan 2021 Rishton Bridge (108a) Removal of redundant gas pipe.
1st Feb - 1st Mar 2021 Moss Swing Bridge (218), Rodley Replacement of bridge
8th - 19th Feb 2021 Lock 18 (Field Top Lock) Repairs to the top offside ground paddle to reduce leakage.
8th Feb - 5th 12th Mar 2021
stoppage extended
Lock 58 (Johnsons Hillock Top) Repairs
15th Feb - 19th Mar 2021 Brunswick Dock Lock, Liverpool Repairs to lock including repair or replacement of drive motors, repair or replacement of life expired hydraulic equipment, replacement of drive chains and sprockets.
22nd Feb - 6th Mar 2021 Three Rise Locks, Bingley Lock 23: repairs to gates to reduce leakage.
22nd Feb - 12th Mar 2021 Forge Locks, near Kirkstall Lock 10: mitre, cill and paddle repairs.
8th - 19th Mar 2021 Blackburn Locks Lock 53: repairs to bottom gates and cill to prevent leakage
2nd - 27th Nov 2020 Rufford Branch - Lock 4, near Burscough Repairs to bottom gates to reduce leakage and install new fenders
Macclesfield Canal 2nd Nov - 11th Dec 2020 Bosley Locks Locks 7, 8, 11: repairs to the lock landings - towpath closed, too.
Peak Forest Canal 23rd Nov - 11th Dec 2020 Marple Lock Flight Bottom Lock (1): masonry repairs; Bottom Lock Bridge (16) masonry repairs.
Rochdale Canal 8th Oct 2020 - until further notice Lock 36 (Summit to Lock 45 (Littleborough) Navigation closed until 3rd party bridge in dangerous condition (Bridge 45) is repaired.
5th Jan - 5th Feb 2021 Slattocks Top Lock (54) Rebuilding upstream lock landing.
5th - 29th Jan 2021
Brownsfield Lock (83) Lowering top beams of both top and bottom gates.
1st Feb - 19th Mar 2021 Locks 72 and 81 Repairs to top gates and cills in order to reduce leakage.
1st - 19th Mar 2021 Coney Green Lock (62), Middleton Repairs to masonry and to top gate and quoin, together with repairs to top and bottom end mitres and cills.
River Ouse, River Ure, Ripon Canal 4th Nov - 18th Dec 2019 Ripon Canal: Lock 1 (Rhodesfield) repairs to the lock gates and ladders
Selby Canal   no navigation stoppages planned  
Sheffield and Tinsley Canal   no navigation stoppages planned  
Sheffield & South Yorks
Don Navigation
2nd - 30th November 2020 Canal cut next to Forge Island, Rotherham Investigation work for Rotherham Flood Alleviation Scheme Phase 2. The canal will be temporarily re-opened for navigation during the weekends of the stoppage period.
8th - 26th Feb 2021 Barnby Dun Lift Bridge Replacement of worn hanger rods.
Sheffield & South Yorks
New Junction Canal
4th - 22nd Jan 2021 Top Lane Lift Bridge, Kirkhouse Green Lift Bridge and Sykehouse Road Lift Bridge Replacement of worn hanger rods on the lift bridges.
Stainforth and Keadby Canal 6th - 31st Jan 2020
stoppage postponed
Thorne Lock repairs to lock cill
Update: cill repairs at Thorne Lock deferred until CRT can replace the lock gates at the same time. This stoppage is therefore cancelled.
13th - 31st Jan 2020 Godnow Swing Bridge Replacement of control system. Replacement of swing-arm barrier with a drop arm. Install wigwag signal.

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