Winter canal work programme, 2023-2024

lock stoppage

The Canal and River Trust has announced details of the winter closure programme affecting canals in the South Pennine area to enable repairs and maintenance work to take place.

Where possible this page will be updated when stoppages are altered. Last updated: 23rd February 2024.

Information from Canal and River Trust and Bridgewater Canal Company.
The information shown on this page is offered as a quick guide and is believed to be correct but if you are planning to travel by canal during this period you should check the details with the above websites or regional waterways office.

Canal: Closure dates: Location: Purpose of closure:
Aire and Calder Navigation 22nd Jan - 16th Feb 2024
Bank Dole Lock (route towards Selby) Restriction to carry out repair works to the lock. Resin grouting to fill voids behind lock walls. Customers may experience delays of up to an hour
15th Jan - 23rd Feb 2024
New Goole Caisson, narrows near Railway Bridge Stoppage required to carry out repairs to quoins, cills and damaged stop grooves.
19th Feb - 15th Mar 2024
Lock 6, Woodnock (Wakefield Branch) Grouting to fill voids behind lock walls. Lock will remain open for navigation, but there may be delays of up to one hour.
Ashton Canal   no navigation stoppages planned  
Bridgewater Canal
4th - 16th Mar 2023
dates now confirmed
Barton Aqueduct Closed for annual maintenance works on structure.
Calder and Hebble Navigation 8th Dec 2023
Long Cut, between Ravensthorpe and junction with Dewsbury Arm One-day navigation stoppage to enable a temporary bridge to be craned into place.
Huddersfield Broad Canal 8th Jan - 15th Mar 2024 Between Locks 5 and 6 Washwall repairs
5th Feb - 8th Mar 2024
Lock 9, Red Doles Lock landing repairs.
19th - 23rd Feb 2024
Between Locks 1 and 2 Removal and replacement of railway bridge. Towpath also closed.
9th - 10th Mar 2024
Between Locks 1 and 2 Removal and replacement of railway bridge (continued). Towpath also closed.
Huddersfield Narrow Canal 2nd Jan - 9th Feb 2024 Lock 7w, Stalybridge Repairs to top and bottom gates, lock ladder and landing.
2nd Jan - 9th Feb 2024
Between Locks 3w and 4w Repairs to Stakes Aqueduct and bank protection work at Bridge 103.
2nd Jan - 13th Feb 2024
Between Locks 26e and 31e Culvert bed valve repairs and wash wall repairs.
8th Jan - 29th Feb 2024 Locks 24w - 32w, Diggle Locks 30w, 31w, 32w: gate refurbishment. Lock 31w: replace lock bridge.
8th Jan - 29th Feb 2024
dates changed
Between Lock 32w and Standedge Tunnel, Diggle Lay concrete foundation and re-build wash wall, Warth Mill Embankment. Towpath also closed.
1st Feb - 1st Mar 2024
Locks 21e, Slaithwaite Bottom gate replacement and general repairs.
12th Feb - 15th Mar 2024
Lock 3w, Ashton Repairs and re-lining of bottom gates.
Leeds and Liverpool Canal
6th Nov - 20th Dec 2023 Between 3-rise and 5-rise Locks, Bingley Repairs to collapsing wall wall.
6th Nov - 20th Dec 2023
Between Bridges 102 and 103, above Blackburn Locks Repairs to Audley Embankment. Towpath also closed.
13th Nov - 22nd Dec 2023
Wigan Flight, Locks 65 - 85 Gate repairs to reduce leakage (Locks 66, 67, 68 and 70).
2nd Jan - 23rd Feb 2024
additional stoppage
Wigan Flight, Locks 65 - 85 Replacement of fractured cill at Lock 73.
1st - 22nd Dec 2023
Anchor Lock, 33, near Gargrave Gate and cill repairs to reduce leakage.
2nd Jan - 15th Mar 2024
stoppage cancelled
Bridge 36a to 37, between Appley Bridge and junction of Rufford Branch Repairs to culvert at Newburgh and wash wall repairs at Douglas Embankment.
stoppage removed from this year's programme to review the scope and cost of the project
2nd Jan - 15th Mar 2024
stoppage extended
Rufford Branch, Lock 4 Repairs to washwall and offside paddles.
14th - 17th Feb 2024
additional stoppage
Cowling Swing Bridge (191), west of Silsden Closure to enable removal of bridge and installation of replacement bridge.
4th - 20th Mar 2024
additional stoppage
Greenberfield Locks 42-44 Closure to enable emergency repair of cill at Lock 42.
Macclesfield Canal 2nd Jan - 16th Feb 2024 Bridge 74a, Congleton. Repairs to A527 bridge. Towpath also closed.
13th Dec 2023 - until further notice
additional stoppage
Bridge 85 to Hall Green Stop Lock Emergency stoppage to repair significantly leaking culvert at Kent's Green.
Peak Forest Canal until further notice Marple Lock Flight Lock flight closed because of subsidence at Lock 7. This work is not expected to be completed until Easter 2024.
Repairs will also be carried out at Lock 9 (16th Sep - 17th Oct), Lock 14 (8th Jan - 2nd Feb) and Lock 2 (4th - 29th Mar).
7th - 13th Nov 2023 Bridge 24, Wood End Lift Bridge Repairs to bridge.
Rochdale Canal 13th Nov - 22nd Dec 2023 Lock 1 Sowerby Bridge Grouting work and wash wall repairs.
6th Nov - 15th Dec 2023 Lock 36, Warland Repairs to bottom gates, cill and paddle culverts to reduce leakage.
15th Jan 2024 - until further notice
additional stoppage
Locks 65 to 80 Closure to enable repair ofsubsidence at Lock 67 and Lock 65.
River Ouse, River Ure, Ripon Canal 5th Feb - 15th Mar 2024 Milby Lock, River Ure, Boroughbridge Gate replacement and general repairs.
Selby Canal   no navigation stoppages planned (but see Aire and Calder, Bank Dole Cut)  
Sheffield and Tinsley Canal   no navigation stoppages planned  
Sheffield & South Yorks
Don Navigation
15th Jan - 22nd Feb 2024 Long Sandall Lock gate replacement and general repairs
Sheffield & South Yorks
New Junction Canal
  no navigation stoppages planned  
Stainforth and Keadby Canal 29th Jan - 18th Mar 2024
Vazon Sliding Rail Bridge, Extensive strengthening to supporting wall on north bank. Towpath also closed.

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