Salford Quays - Waterfront Virtual Tour Part 1

In 1894 the Manchester Ship Canal was opened, allowing ocean-going vessels to reach docks close to the centre of Manchester. There were four smaller docks at Pomona Docks, a mile from Manchester city centre, with larger docks built half a mile west at Salford. The largest dock, No 9, opened in 1905, was constructed on the site of Manchester Racecourse.

The development of container ports and motorway links outweighed the convenience of ships being able to reach Manchester and in the 1980s most of the docks were closed. The Salford docks have now been redeveloped as Salford Quays.

Metrolink at Salford Quays
Dock cranes at the head of Ontario Basin. The Metrolink tram brings passengers right into the Salford Quays area.
Welland Lock, Salford Quays
Merchants' Quay and Welland Lock.
Victoria Harbour, Salford Quays
Victoria Harbour Building.
Anchorage, Salford Quays
Anchorage Building.
St. Peter's Basin, Salford Quays
St. Francis' Basin.
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