Keep Up with News from Pennine Waterways

Pennine Waterways tries to bring you a selection of news of the canals and river navigations of the Pennine area. Apart from visiting the site regularly, there are other ways of keeping up with this news.

RSS News Feed

Since 2006 Pennine Waterways has offered an RSS News Feed, which will notify you of news stories by way of a news feed reader or through a news feed built into a web page, such as My Yahoo, Google Reader, etc.

This lets you know there is a news story as soon as it is on the web site.

More information about RSS and how to subscribe to this feed can be found on this page.

Twitter Alerts

You can now receive brief updates and links to longer reports by following @penninewaterway on Twitter. You may have to put up with occasional non-news comments as well!

Email News Alerts

If you want to find out the news as soon as it is available but find RSS too complicated to use, there is now a new option you can choose.

You can now receive email alerts. These are the headlines from the RSS news feed, with links to the news items, but they are sent direct to your email inbox.

To subscribe to these email alerts, type your email address below and click the submit button.

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You will be sent an email to the address entered. You then need to click the link on the email to confirm that the subscription request is genuine.

If you do not see the email within a few minutes, check to see whether it has ended up in a spam folder or bin.

You can use the "BlogTrottr" service to subscribe to email alerts from other sites with an RSS feed, too!

Note: If you previously signed up for email alerts with "Feed My Inbox", please note that the service has now ceased and you will need to sign up with BlogTrottr to continue to receive alerts.


Brief updates and links to longer reports are also published on Pennine Waterways' Facebook page on Twitter. You do not need to be signed up to Facebook to read this page.

Email Newsletter

The Pennine Waterways email newsletter, which was started in 2000, has now been discontinued and replaced by the notification methods listed above.

You can still see the archive of newsletters.