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Pennine Waterways
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Lock 7W, Stalybridge (1)
These pages shows photographs taken during the restoration of Lock 7W, Stalybridge.

Preparing for work on bridge at Mottram Road, Stalybridge
October 1999: Work begins... Looking westwards towards Mottram Road, Stalybridge. The head of the in-filled Lock 7 (west) can be seen. The lock is to be moved slightly eastwards due to complicated cabling running across close to the tail of the lock and the road being wider than it was originally. The trees have been cleared from both sides of the road, revealing a view through to the cranes working on the demolition of the Delta factory.

March 17th 2000: Looking across Lock 7W towards Mottram Road. The lock chamber will be extended forward into the space surrounded by sheet piling. The picture gives an idea of the thickness of the lock chamber walls.

June 8th 2000: The same scene. The concrete extension of the lock chamber can be seen in the foreground.

June 8th 2000: The base for the new lock tail of Lock 7W, next to the original thick stone chamber walls. The blue water bar strip will be continued up the groove cut into the edge of the stones to prevent water from seeping through the joint.

Click here to see close-up photo of the junction of the original chamber wall and the new lock tail, showing where the original stones have been cut through.

June 8th 2000: Concrete is about to be poured into the formwork for the new cill at the head of the chamber of Lock 7W.

October 26th 2000: The lock tail area of Lock 7W seen from the new Mottram Road bridge. The walls of the channel between the lock tail and the road bridge have been clad with stone. The lock chamber is still with scaffolding in place and additional scaffolding rails have now been placed around the lock for safety as work on surfacing the lockside area takes place. This picture shows the steel quoin for the lock tail gate on the north side being lowered into position.

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My thanks to Tameside Council for providing access to take some of these photographs.

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