Virtual Journey - Swinton to Wath (4)

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Adwick, Dearne and Dove Canal Canal
A quarter of a mile ahead, the line of the canal is blocked by a development of distribution sheds at Adwick Park.
Dearne Valley College, Dearne and Dove Canal
The Dearne Valley College has been built alongside the canal but the the line of the canal was retained as a footpath between the between the buildings shown above.
blocked path, Dearne and Dove Canal
However, the footpath between the buildings has now been blocked off. Seen from Golden Smithies Lane.
Golden Smithies, Dearne and Dove Canal
Looking west from Golden Smithies Lane, the route of the towpath is preserved as a footpath.
University car park, Dearne and Dove Canal
West of Golden Smithies Lane, the footpath that follows the towpath is behind the fence on the right. The line of the canal itself forms part of the car park for car park of Sheffield University School of Nursing and Midwifery.
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History of the Dearne and Dove Canal

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