Preston Brook to Runcorn (2) - Virtual Cruise

Norton Bridge
Norton Bridge.
Norton Townfield Bridge, Bridgewater Canal
Norton Townfield Bridge.
Green Bridge, Bridgewater Canal
Green Bridge, leading to the remains of Norton Priory.
former Barge Hotel, Runcorn
The disused Busway Bridge and the former Barge Hotel, which has since been demolished to make way for new housing.
Astmoor Spine Road Bridge
Modern housing near Astmoor Spine Road Bridge.
Astmoor Bridge, Bridgewater Canal
Astmoor Bridge.
Bate's Bridge, Bridgewater Canal
Bate's Bridge. At one there there was a boatbuilding yard on the left before the bridge.
view towards Runcorn Bridge
Beyond Bate's Bridge a view opens up towards the Runcorn Bridge. There used to be a number of tanneries beside the canal in the area, to the east of the town so that the unsavoury smells of the leather trade would be carried away from the houses by the prevailing winds! The moorings are the start of the Ockleston's Wharf moorings.
Ironbridge Footbridge
Ironbridge Footbridge, built to replace the earlier Iron Bridge that was here.
Delph Bridge, Bridgewater Canal
Delph Bridge. The name "delph" means quarry and was a reference to the large Millbrow Quarry that was nearby.
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