Stretford to Lymm (4) - Virtual Cruise

Seamon's Moss Bridge, Bridgewater Canal
Seamon's Moss Bridge at Oldfield Brow is a gateway between the built-up urban area and the rural countryside.
Dunham School Bridge
Dunham School Bridge.
River Bollin Aqueduct, Bridgewater Canal
River Bollin Aqueduct, scene of a major embankment breach in 1971.
River Bollin Aqueduct
Looking back towards the River Bollin Aqueduct.
Agden Bridge, Bridgewater Canal
Agden Bridge.
Hesford Marine, Bridgewater Canal
Hesford Marine's boatyard. photo: Neil Arlidge
Former canal warehouse at Burford Lane
Former canal warehouse at Burford Lane, now used as offices.
Lloyd Bridge, Oughtringham
Lloyd Bridge, Oughtringham.
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