Virtual Journey - Barnsley to Barugh (3)

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Honeywell, Barnsley Canal
The line of the canal took a sharp right turn around the perimeter fence of the Asda store, following the contour around the hillside. A tram road once brought coal from Honeywell Colliery down to the canal on this corner.
Barnsley Canal
After a hundred yards the canal then took a sharp left turn.
Barnsley Canal
Passing Honeywell estate, the line of the canal survives as a grassy corridor.
Gawber New Colliery site, Barnsley Canal
Looking back towards Barnsley past the site of Gawber New Colliery, which once stood to the right of the picture.
Barnsley Canal
Continuing westwards, part of the canal line is now occupied by the car park for The Fleets public house.
Smithies Lane, Barnsley Canal
Looking north-west towards the site of Smithies Lane Bridge.
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