Virtual Journey - Royston to Barnsley (7)

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former aqueduct, Barnsley Canal
A short way ahead is the site of the former Barnsley Aqueduct, which carried the canal across the valley of the River Dearne on five stone arches. A footbridge now crosses the piers which were the bases of the aqueduct's arches.
River Dearne, Barnsley Canal
A side view of the footbridge crossing the piers, from the River Dearne.
The arches of the aqueduct were demolished in 1954 as the structure was considered to be unsafe due to subsidence caused by the coal mining in the area.
Barnsley Canal, Barnsley Aqueduct
Looking back along what was once the embankment leading to Barnsley Aqueduct. This was the location of the 1911 breach which closed the canal for 8 months.
Barnsley Canal, Barnsley Junction
On the south-west side of the aqueduct was Barnsley Junction, near Hoyle Mill, where the Barnsley Canal met the Dearne and Dove Canal. The aqueduct was to the right, the Dearne and Dove to the left a the section of canal still in water runs towards Barnsley Basin and Barugh.
Barnsley Canal, Barnsley Junction
The same scene in late Spring. The stone blocks on each corner originally had pulleys on top to assist the towropes around the sharp turn.
Barnsley Canal, Barnsley Junction
Looking back to Barnsley Junction, with the remains of the Dearne and Dove Canal striaght ahead and the main line turning left towards the site of Barnsley Aqueduct.
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